This I Believe

Sharon - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

This I Believe

I worry. And I don’t mean that I care deeply about my life. I mean I worry about everything. From tests to piano practice, I worry. I’m good at it; I can make any situation into its very worst and convince myself that that is the reality of the situation. It’s not a good thing, because I over-do it. I don’t believe in worrying about anything that you know is inescapable. But I also believe it is possible to believe something so strongly, yet fail to follow it through. I will most likely always believe that worrying about the unavoidable is a waste of time, but I highly doubt that my stress level is going to go down significantly because of my belief.

On the day before a test, I worry about anything I can think about. My notes for example; are they study-worthy? I worry about my study habits. If I study like this, will I make an ‘A’ tomorrow? Of course, I worry about the test itself. What if it’s so long that I can’t finish and fail the test? Though by the time that I have looked over my notes and reread the text, I realize that tomorrow can’t possibly be that bad. It’s twenty-four hours. What during the test could possibly happen that would completely ruin my life? What is it that is worth this much concern and aggravation? It’s so frustrating, because I’m fully aware that I should not be worrying. I know it, but I can’t stop. At least not at first. After about an hour or sometimes more, I calm back down. But it’s a contradiction that I understand, I have to. It’s the fact that I understand it that keeps me from going crazy.

How could we ever stop or prevent tomorrow? The question has been either wondered or asked by everyone. There is always a time when someone dreads tomorrow; when they’d rather be out of time and space for just twenty-four hours, and return the next day. Until this question finds its impossible answer, some people will always dread tomorrow, because tomorrow represents the unknown; the future we cannot tell.

Time passes. Today’s tomorrow will soon be today, and then yesterday. It all goes, and we are all powerless against it. Time is meant to change us, not the other way around, so whatever experiences it gives us, we take and learn. We cannot spend precious time worrying about another time ahead of us. We don’t have time.