This I Believe

Pearson - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Chill Out: My entire philosophy and perception of life is based on those two words. It’s simple, plain, ordinary, it’s my life. I don’t sweat the small stuff, I save stress for truly necessary things. I don’t get rattled and I try to stay even keeled, just like my personality. I’m laid back, messy, unorganized, and lazy. I tried to write an exciting, interesting essay, full of metaphors and other cool stuff, but that’s not who I am. I just go along with anything and let stuff roll off my back. However, though I preach my chillness, sometimes my laziness gets in the way and procrastination leads to late-night stress.

I can’t always chill out but I think if we all chilled a little more, we’d realize that money is just paper, it’s not real. We’d realize that just going to college, regardless of its prestige, is a huge accomplishment. If we chilled, the Taliban could chill, North Korea could chill, even Global Warming could chill. If we all slowed down, we could truly learn what life should be about-enjoyment. So sure, live life to the fullest, carpe diem, whatever- but mainly, just chill.