This I Believe

Sidhant - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 25, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: fear

I believe fear is terror caused by people who want to bring chaos to a society. It brings instability to a nation and at the same time brings unity amongst the people to end the fear; however, fear can even destroy the unity as well. It can prevent a person from rising and becoming the best they can possibly be.

When I was in my first year of middle school, I was quiet, having a fear that I would sound stupid. My teacher would ask the class, “How do you add fractions?” No one knew, but I did. Yet I was too scared to answer because I feared getting a wrong answer. However, I was right. So the following year, I questioned my fear. I started to fear this fear I had. I decided to change myself. I started to participate more in class by answering questions whether I was right or wrong, but usually, my answer was correct. Then eventually I ran for class president in seventh grade. I told everyone, “I have changed. I am now more persuasive and talkative rather than being quiet. I am ready to take on the school now.” The votes came in and I had won that election in my Class of 2009. After the election, I Continued to progress, from being in debate tournaments to just be more involved in general conversations. I respect fearful things now and make them more beneficial to my life; the longer you fear something, the stronger the fear becomes.

Fear of things makes up our personality; it makes us who we are. Without it we do not have a personality. It is fine if you have a fear, but you must get rid of it before it is too late to change it. Fear dominants our lives and we should always question our fears once we notice that they gain strength. The more fears you overcome, the more strength you gain and the more difficult, the more glorious you feel. Not to forget though, fears are obstacles that make you runaway from your goal. Overcome your fears, like President Franklin Roosevelt said, “Fear nothing but fear itself.”