This I Believe

Lindsay - Sparks, Nevada
Entered on September 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: golden rule


The thing that I believe in most in my life would be Karma. The meaning of karma is what goes around comes around. And for me this means that if I do bad things, or treat people badly, then bad things will happen to me. Along with that I if I do good things, and treat people well, then good things will happen to me.

I was put up for adoption when I was born, and my whole life I have wondered what I must have done in a previous life to make my karma so bad that my biological mother wouldn’t want me in this life. As I have grown up I have come to realize that not only was my karma not bad from previous things I have done in my life, but it was great karma because if I had not been adopted I would have half of the support that I have now and also half of the family.

Every time I even think about doing something wrong, I wonder what consequences I will have because I believe so strongly in karma that I have come to be “the boring one” among my friends because I don’t like to party or anything because I know that if I sneak out to party, something in my life will go very wrong soon after.

I snuck out with my best friend, once, even though I knew it was wrong. At the time I didn’t care what would happen, we got caught. And as a result my parents forbid to hang out with her, and even now when we can hang out, our friendship is very different and I would give anything to have my original friendship back, but because of karma, that will never happen and it is all my fault.

I have never done anything in my life that has not been either rewarded or punished. And I believe that sometimes the only reason that good things happen to me is because I work so hard to do the right thing and to help people. For example, I do not get the best grades but I give up a lot of time up for volunteering, and last summer I went to visit a college and was told by the admissions counselor that I was an incredible young woman and that they would be lucky to have someone like me in there college.