This I Believe

Janet - Littleton, Colorado
Entered on September 24, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

Do it for you

I believe you only have one life, I believe in not caring what other people do with their life, I believe in living for you. Most of all I believe in no regrets. As cliché as it may sound this is what I believe, I am all for the “live life to the fullest” saying.

To me I view life as way to short to have a trail of regrets chasing after you all the time. Whether the regret is something small like never getting the chance to go on the biggest ride in the amusement park because you were to scared, Yes the kind of ride that leaves you breath leaves you trying to catch your breath when your done riding it the same ride that as you see people exciting the ride you can just see the thrill and excitement racing through them. It could also be the regrets that always seem to find its way back, the ones we think about often. Something that I think causes us to have regrets is worrying so much about how others view us. I find it confusing why we all seem to worry so much about the little things instead of what truly matters like for example, the fact that we only have one life to live we should be spending our time enjoying it as best as best as we can.

Last year my aunt Debbie was diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t able to fight it, this devastated the whole family because she would be the 2nd death in the family in just a year. When she died I realized how I never really got to know her, yes she was my aunt so of course I knew who she was but I mean I never had the chance to figure her out to know the things she’s done in her life and what she still wanted to accomplish. I just wish I had the chance now…if only I wasn’t so scared to take that chance to sit done and talk with her.

“You wanna play it safe, Don’t want to step out. You gotta pretend so no one finds out. You gotta break free, You gotta break out so everyone knows what you’re all about.” This is a quote from a song called No one dances anymore by Brandston. This song states the perfect example of how exactly I feel. If you have a dream follow it don’t let other people live you life.