This I Believe

Strahan - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on September 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports, work

I Believe

There are many things I believe in. One of the most important is what I try to live my life by. People need to work hard to get what they want; if they don’t work hard they may never get it. For example, there are people, throughout history, which if they hadn’t have worked hard then the course of history could have changed.

For example the soldiers who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. If they didn’t work hard to get to the top of that mountain by fighting and living through some of the horrible things, we might have lost the battle if everyone on that island didn’t work hard.

Throughout history people have worked hard to do some very important things, such as all the scientists who worked on the atomic bomb. The New England patriots won the super bowl a few times in a row. Before that when the Pittsburg Steelers had their dynasty in the 70’s. Or even way before that when our Founding Fathers worked hard to get our country out of the struggle with the British and when freedom.

Then there are the people that worked hard to do not so huge of things. Like people who work hard to get other peoples cars working or people that work hard for their family to pay for a home. Or the guy who makes all the funny Bud Light commercials. I work hard to so I can maintain a spot on the football team or so I can afford to go places at my lunch hour. Plus so I can go to the movies with my friends on the weekends. The point is you got to work hard to get what you want in life. The guys who first landed on the moon, if their crew back in Houston didn’t work hard they never would have been able to land there.

In football if I quit after my first year I never would have even understood hard work. My first year I was not very good so people would just hit me all the time and I couldn’t do anything back. Now this was in third grade and I didn’t understand the game that well but I still totally loved it. At the end of the season I was so tired and worn out that I didn’t even no if I ever wanted to play again. This to me would have been a really hard decision to live with because my family is football crazy. So I decided that I would take up wrestling to improve my tackling and get me ready for next season. I did and worked hard at it especially the take down, which is similar to tackling. I only wrestled for one year and I was better at football the next season and had even more fun and never thought about quitting again. So remember that you need to work hard to get what you want in life. If you don’t then you’ll never get anything you want.