This I Believe

max - centennial, Colorado
Entered on September 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Always Try To Fit In

I believe that all people should be a part of something in high

school so that all people can fit in and have friends that enjoy the

same things that they do, this is something that my mom said to me

at the end of my eighth grade year.

I believe this, because in middle school I did not fit into a

certain category I just kind of hung out with a lot of different

people and never had a problem with it, but I had always wished

that I would have fit in with a certain group. And now that I am in

high school I feel that I do fit in now that I am playing football, I

feel that I fit in with all of the football people.

I also have a friend that attends the same high school as I do.

Since elementary school he has not had a lot of friends but I have

always been one of his good friends. He did not go to the same

middle school as I did but a lot of people told me that he was kind

of a “nerd.” I did not like this because he is my friend so defended

him. And now that he goes to Arapahoe he is in the band and he

told me that he has a lot of friends in there, so when he told me this

I was very happy, and I thought to my self he finally fits in with

people that are just like him and that have the same interests as

him. This made me think about what my mom told me and I

thought now that it was true, and now it has happened in real life.

And I guess that, which can also tie into, listen to what your

parents say.

But it is true; I think everyone no matter who you are

you should always be in a group or club of some sort so that you

can fit in some way, with people who share the same interests as