This I Believe

Lyndon - Mount Ayr, Iowa
Entered on September 24, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in the old cliché, like father like son. I myself really enjoy reading and talking about clichés and quotes. It was not until this year that I found myself deeply thinking about this particular one. I grew up in a house of four whom all loved the outdoors. I remember starting every summer going to my grandparent’s farms to help them out. I always enjoyed being around the animals and outside in all sorts of weather. I would be working beside my grandpa and hear how he talked. I would notice how my grandpa would tie knots, what he would eat, and how he talked about nature. At the end of summer I would go back home and notice these same qualities in my father.

Throughout elementary I would follow my dad around everywhere and copy all his actions. By all his actions I do mean all of his actions. I am left handed like he is but oddly enough my mom says that I did not start out left handed and am rather ambidextrous. My mother says that I wanted to be so much like my father that I forced myself to be left handed. I never really thought much about it and told her that she was imagining things. Through the course of High School my father and brother and I took care of many homeless animals including ferrets, raccoons, and birds of prey, including owls. From this constant interaction with animals I went head first into college with the mindset of becoming a veterinarian. Like almost all people I ended up switching my major. Now I am in a broader field with environmental science. In the past two years I have become more and more interested in becoming a college professor and teaching ecology. Like my dad I have become more interested in how the environment interacts and how everything effects everything else. I have tried to learn the trees, the animals, the grasses, the rocks and everything in-between. As I decided not to play basketball this year I began to look at how my dad was not the most excited about it. It was then that I realized that my college studies and future job plans had been set by me wanting to be just like my dad. The more I thought of how I wanted to be just like him the more I realized that I was like him. I think about my fears, my attitude, work ethic, and personality and I realize I am a like my father. Yet the quest will never be over.