This I Believe

Jenna - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on September 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Belief of Education

Have you ever looked at the alphabet and wondered what it could be? Most of you would say yes because when you were little you didn’t know how to spell, but I am talking about the other people who said yes. The people that are 13 and 14, who have no idea how to write their names. The people of our world who have no way of understanding math, English or the history of their world. These people are unable to learn to write or read because of discrimination or poverty. This has gone on for centuries. Ever since the time of the Egyptians and Romans, when only high ranking men, nobles, or priests were allowed to be educated. All through our history, entire cultures have been refused the right to be educated because of their beliefs, actions, or looks. This has to stop. We are the new generation. We are the technology era. We should be able to find a way to educate everyone in this world.

We hear almost everyday how children in some poverty stricken is being denied the right to go to school. Do we hear what is being done about it? We hear of poverty stricken places where there are no schools and war zones where kids are to afraid to go to school because they could be shot. What is being done? Many people will say we do school supply drives in order to give poor countries a helping hand but is that enough for everybody in every country that needs school supplies? We need to have every school around the world pitching into help. Everywhere in the world, there are rich countries where kids have schools to go to. Shouldn’t these countries lend a hand to those less fortunate than them? In order, to help one another we must trust one another and yet, we don’t. France doesn’t trust these guys or Korea doesn’t trust them. Why? Because people who are educated versus people who are not, will always be a battle. The educated are stuck up because they assume the non-educated won’t understand what they are talking about. First thing in there minds: “Let’s take them over, and they won’t know how to beat us because they are ignorant.” Why do people think that? Why would you conquer someone because they haven’t had a chance at an education? An education is the only way for peace and prosperity. Yes, it sounds cheesy but this is what I believe. Every country should help one another with the education of the people. The only way to reach this goal people is to help educate them. The road to peace and harmony is the education of the people of the world. This I believe.

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