This I Believe

Trent - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on September 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

When people say ‘Christian’ to another, possible rival, belief, what do they think and why?

More than likely they will not respect our doctrines due to what politicians and powerful people have to say and show. I remember that fateful day when it was announced that the Ten Commandments display in Atlanta, Georgia would be taken down after a court decision to respect people’s individual rights.

“Really,” I thought, “Where’s our say?”

It infringed upon our beliefs as well; how is it that they won and we lost a battle and not only we Christians but Jews as well. It was already up in it’s final place or so we had thought. Whether or not you’re an atheist or of some other belief, would you fight and ensure that a monument is taken down that has another religious aspect to it? Why not just build your own to commemorate your beliefs too? Instead of anger a minority of people. Any more politicians are making this land free from religion especially Christianity; but why us?

Some people assume that we are forcing our beliefs down other people’s throats. We’re not; it’s moral, moral that we try to enforce that is needed anymore. Albert Einstein said that moral was the most important of all human matters, yet it is not only us who have moral issues but other religions, like Buddhism, Islam, etc. We all have close to the same moral issues, but it is us who are getting pounced on.

What seems to be taken away is supposedly politically correct, but where’s our say we’re the majority? Why is it that the Jews can publicly celebrate Hanukah and Islam and their Ramadan, and are welcomed with open arms by liberalized society? We should have the same right without contradiction.

Then in schools our beliefs aren’t being respected at all, if Christmas tree are set up they are called giving trees. And Christian children suspended for expressing their view and yet beliefs others aren’t penalized. Why? Why should the Christmas tree be called differently after years of tradition and yet a Menorah still a Menorah? Then my parents had Christmas pageants and in school and they were widely participated in, now they are non-existent because of an atheist woman who spoke out for herself and not the overwhelming majority.

It would be great of our aspects of life were realized and appreciated without the contradiction we face now in this generation.