This I Believe

Tabitha - Cenntenial, Colorado
Entered on September 23, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Life is a Musical

“Wake up, I have been waiting for you to open your eyes,” a quote by Dave Lichens in his song Let Go. Whenever the world seems like it is going to end or I have the best day of my life, there is always a song that reflects my feelings. When I am sad, Jason Mraz always has a song that can relate to me and fits my emotions. I listen to Eminem when I want to express my feelings of anger and aggression. The music just expresses how I feel. We all have a song that helps us through the day and hearing it makes us feel like it is all going to be okay. Coming out of hard day at school or preparing to go to a football game, all I need is a “pump up” song to help me get through the rest of my day and after listening to the song, it changes my mood and how I perform. Music plays a roll in my life and without it, I probably wouldn’t be doing my best and I would not be the same person. When people label you by what you listen to, they are not realizing that all different styles of music and how they express you in different ways, especially emotionally. For example if I was a huge Bob Marley fan, some might say it labels me as a stoner; but at the same time having every NSYNC cd, could labeling me as a weird prep. But it is not about the label and style; it is about the emotion and affects music has on you. Music is the best way to express the true you and I believe it helps me cope with my problems. The first boy I fell for in the 8th grade broke my heart and the only thing that helped me through it mostly was Céline Dion’s All The Way cd from 1999. My musical includes everything from hard rock to acoustic jazz. Taking life step by step as a musical of my life is the reason why I never give up when my dad died or when a tragic event happened to my sister. Without the songs that gave me hope and faith, I know I would not be were I am today; including to get good grades and having great friends that are by my side.