This I Believe

Jazmin - Los Angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Turning Away From The Mirror

I am twelve years old, and I am a seventh grade student in South Central Los Angeles. I believe in pride. Everyone sees the beautiful people to be actors, super models, or people that have collard eyes and the slim body. I believe that the beautiful people are the ones that have a gentle soul. I was born by the rough part of the neighborhood. Everyone here is only recognized by how pretty he or she is or how cool they might be. Don’t people see past those masks?

I believe that no matter how ugly people say you are or no matter how fat people think you are you should be proud of the way you are and don’t let nobody stop you from thinking that. I believe that everyone should have pride and be happy the way they are. Pride is what I think makes everyone special. Enjoying yourself is the most wonderful feeling people can get. I believe that a laugh at yourself is worth the laugh.

I once met this girl that had

attempted suicide because she thought she was not pretty enough for the world. It seemed stupid for someone to try to be liked by everyone else to me. I said to myself that day why can’t she have enough courage to face the world being just the way she is? I realized that having pride is better than having that Barbie life everyone wants. Being unique is as pretty as I can get.

Here were I was raised being popular is more important than having an A at school. Inside you is what should matter the most isn’t it? Why waste time being something your not and trying to impress other people? If you have pride in yourself no one else should matter other than yourself. It is not about the person in the mirror it’s about the person inside of you. My name is Jazmin and I am proud to say it. This I believe.