This I Believe

Diana - LA, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I am 13 year’s old I am in seventh grade. I am a student from South Central Los Angles. I am an honor roll student at Charles Drew M.S. I’m a Short girl, but a smart little girl. I don’t care if they call me little or short, but that’s my nick name is ‘shorty.’

In Major CASos de la Vida, was about abusing their child. Well the kid had a little brother, a mother, and a step farther, but he also known a priest that he always read the bible to his people.

Will it started when this hobo was digging in a dumpster of Agues Calientes, he saw a box; he thought that it was going to have food, because it was so heavy. Around the box it had a white string that held it close. Once he had opened it he saw a little boy died! He went screaming like a crazy person. He had went to the police and told them that he had found a died body inside a dumpster. The police went to go pick it up Lots of people gathering around.

When the priest had heard the news about the little boy that was found murdered. The news had described him as 9 or 8 years old. So he went to go see the police, the police had shown him a picture of the little boy. The police had a suspicion he had something to do with the murder so manager made a sign to the security. The security gabbed him, but he told them that it wasn’t him. He began to talk.

The said that one day he saw the little boy sitting on his knees and holding two brinks one on one hand and one on the other. He had described the boy red and purple skin by the coldness of the wind. When he entered the house, he saw the boy and his mom. The mom told him to leave the bricks or the priest would think that he is crazy. T he priest took him and then came home. The boy had peed on his pants so the stepfather whipped him and then strangled the by to death. He put the boy on the table and covered the boy with the tablecloth. After that he put him in a big box rapped the box with a white wire. Put him in a bus that was going to Agues Calientes.

The father returned to his house and told his wife what he had done she was happy. The ran away with their baby, and the news had reported them but they were gone. The police was scared that they would do the same thing to the baby.