This I Believe

Ernesto - Los Angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Scared To Fail

I am 12 years old, and I am a seventh grade student in South Central Los Angeles. I believe in perseverance. I believe in perseverance because I am scared to fail. I am scared to fail because I do not want to disappoint those who believe in me. I know there is a certain time in life where we all must fail at least once, but I do not want to fail, I am afraid.

I know I must persevere, especially in this rough area that I live in, but it is hard. I know I must try my best. I do not want to fail, I do not want to disappoint. I do not want to fail those who believe in me, but especially I do not want to fail myself. Life is like a boxing match, you are the challenger, and all your obstacles and things that try to stop you from achieving your goals are the reigning champs. You will get knocked down many times by the champ, but you must learn to get back up and try again. I know that when you try hard, someday you will be the champ of your own life because you will win. I don’t want to get knocked down; I don’t want to fail myself. I know its gong to be a hard and confusing journey, but I want to get it right the first time.

What inspired me to write this essay was myself. I am the only one that my future depends on, so I must try my best. I will predict my own future, what I will be, and how great I will become. I will try my best because I know it will be hard, but I know by this time, I won’t be scared to fail.