This I Believe

Jocelyn - Los Angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Must have Evidence to Accuse

I am 12 years old, and I am in seventh grade student in South Central Los Angeles. I believe that people shouldn’t be accused of something they didn’t do. One time when I was ten my uncle was going to Mexico because he owns a farm in Michoacán. Then we received a call from my uncle he said that somebody named Sergio, Mexican, and about his age did something bad in the airport. We asked why they were getting him if he didn’t do anything.

He said he didn’t know so my tia Vero ran to get her keys and rushed to LAX when she got there they told her that they took his passport and he was going to be deported to Mexico even if he didn’t do anything. Then 1 year past it was a Sunday when I woke up I was scared because I saw a man sleeping in my couch. I asked my mom she was making pancakes. She told me that my uncle was back I was so happy I ran back to the living room. And got a closer look at his face and it was him. I couldn’t believe it was him.

I didn’t know if my Tia knew but I still went and called her. That day every body was happy. My little cousin Jasmine was playing around with my uncle. Today he went back to Mexico so he can get his papers for good.