This I Believe

Tony - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

So Many Schools and So many changes

When you are a new kid to a school it can be hard to get accepted and it might be fearful for you to go there. I believe that everything will get better and you will eventually fit into your new school.

When I was in kindergarten and first grade I went to Crestwood Elementary in Oldham County. Then for second grade I had to move from my mom’s to live with my dad in Louisville, Kentucky. I had to switch schools and I feared it. I thought it would be okay but the moment I walked into my new school, Roosevelt Perry Elementary, I started crying and I didn’t stop.

I didn’t want to leave my dad but I had no choice. That whole day of school I cried. I eventually got adjusted and I started making friends and by third grade I was fine with that school and everything in it. I stayed and graduated from there. That’s when I had to switch schools and I had to move out on Dixie Highway. I was forced to go to a school where I didn’t know anyone.

I went to Farnsley Middle in sixth grade. I hated that school just about all year long. I really didn’t want to be in that class, not even in that school. By the end of the year I was starting to make friends but I was accepted to go to the J. Graham Brown School. So off to another school I went but this time I wanted to go.

When I first got there I was nervous and I didn’t have a clue where all of my classes where. I started making friends and by the end of the year I was happy at the Brown school. Now I am in eighth grade and I am planning on staying at the Brown for a while. So the moral of the story is when you’re a new kid in school don’t get upset or discouraged because in the end you will fit in. This I Believe.