This I Believe

Kelly - los angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Understanding Love

I believe in love. Love is a great part of life. Sometimes I forget about love but, a song or a person I think about or a person I see remind me about love. I am sometimes down and I don’t know why, then I realized I am sad because of love. There are different types of love, a family love, a friend love, and boyfriend love. Sometimes it may be bad and sometimes good, but everyone has to experienced love at least once. It may be bad because sometimes you love a person and they might not love you. Also because you want to get over someone and you can’t. It is good because everyone needs love in order to survive if no one loves you, you may want to kill yourself or get in drugs.

Sometimes you get your heart broken but, it happens to everyone. What sucks is that sometimes you love a person and that person may not love you. Also you mat choose a bad love that cheats on you. I think that if a person cheats on you or if you cheat on someone you don’t love any of them. Some people think that it’s the guys who cheat on you but some girls do that to. I would never cheat on anybody.

What sucks for me is that I love this person but I am afraid to tell him because he might not love me or because of our ages and I also don’t want to get my heart broken. In my opinion if he isn’t 10 year older or 5 years younger than you can be together as long as you love each other. There are people who don’t know the meaning of love and if that is you, well than listen to this: sometimes guys just look at looks and body and the girl might be dumb but they don’t care, but not all guys are the same also some girls too, they only look at looks and not at personality. Looks and body is not what love is about, I am not saying that you have to like an ugly person but just because they are ugly doesn’t mean that you have to hate them. Also if you don’t know them or know their personality you can’t hate them or love them. If you think love is easy to choose your wrong. Some people don’t like a person just because they are fat and ugly; I think that that is messed up if you don’t like a person because of their looks. A person that goes out with a person not caring that much on there looks, knows the meaning of love. I am not saying this because I think I am ugly but I really have feeling for people that are in love.

I believe that there is someone out there for everyone. That is my opinion in love and those are my feelings. I hope that you learned something by listening to my story, and remember love is a great part of life.