This I Believe

Eddie - 90001, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


This I believe, that gangs are very dangerous. Infact there are many gangs on my street.

Some gangs that I have heard on the streets are like F13, WSB, and last is SCC. The thing I hate is that gangs always get in to fight. I some of those fights they would use weapons. Some weapons include bats, shanks, and sometimes there is guns. Sometimes gangs would do drive-bys. People get shot, family’s start to cry and suffer.

There was one day I was playing soccer with my brother and my neighbor when I heard two noises that sounded like bullet shots. I stop playing for a moment and I looked were the noises had came from. I kept seeing until I didn’t hear anything. We continued playing soccer again and when we were playing this time I heard about five to seven bullet shots. Me, my brother, and my neighbor, all of us looked were the noise had came from. Then when we turned around we didn’t see anything. We played again and all of a sudden there was a police car and it was going so fast I barley had a chance to see it. I waited to see where it was going to stop and it stopped right in the corner of my street. All of us did not no what had happen. Then about five minutes later there was a helicopter flying right over my house. I saw were it was going and, it was headed by the noises of the bullet shots were the cops were at. The cops closed about six streets so no cars would be able to go in the streets or out of the streets. By now there were several police cars, many police officers, and I think about two helicopters. I knew it was going to be about the gangs in my street. I knew because every time there is cops, it is most likely to be a gang.