This I Believe

Mark - Los Angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Playing with death

I’m 13 and in a regular basis I have always played video games day and night non-stop. Over the past few years’ video games have gotten very violent and some game lovers try to repeat what they see in the game and commit suicide. I just think this is stupid because who would try to kill themselves just to copy what they see. I just think the future of video games might get ruined if this continues to occur.

One day while listening to the radio I heard that this 10-year-old kid, from Japan, had thrown himself out a two-story building and died. Police say that the cause was that he tried to recopy what he saw in the game he was playing. This really affected me because I never thought that somebody would actually kill himself or herself just to copy what he or she played. Now after hearing this now I believe that the impossible is possible and there’s nothing we could do about it.

Well I can’t compare to this because nothing has occurred to my family or me dealing with video games because my parents make sure we don’t play for a long time or else we would get in trouble. So make sure that your kids don’t get more than 8 hours of play time because they might get addicted to playing non-stop like me. I have always called this playing with death because you may never know if somebody you know that likes playing video games might commit suicide and you may even see them in a graveyard or if they were lucky enough in the hospital.

But for me I’m still going to play video games, you may call me addicted to video games, but this is what I love and I’m not letting this stop me from playing these violent games. For me I really have been playing video games of all kinds and not in one moment I have thought of committing suicide. So with that in mind I’ve notice that I’m safe from the wrath of this killing machine and I’m still playing with these risks so I don’t care. What can I say I’m a gamer.