This I Believe

Ryan - los angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Video Games

I believe that video games are having problems. One thing is that video games are getting easier to

to pass, like there fast to past the game. Another problem is their getting more expensive, they’re

Getting up to 50 dollars. Also some people try to imitate some video games they played and liked to

play that video game. I ‘m not saying that video games suck or any thing because I play them for

a long time. People even die for trying to imitate the games especially violent games especially those

who love video games and are very crazy will try to do this and die of craziness. There is also good

things about video games. Like the brand new video games that are coming out have better graphics

then the old video games. The new video games have even got more violent then before for those who

Like violent games. Also they got more action, fighting, and more that I can think of. This is what I