This I Believe

Natalia - Los Angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Experiencing Domestic Violence


I believe in ending domestic violence. I have a friend that has gotten beat by her step dad. She is very scared of him because she doesn’t know what to do. For every little thing her step dad or her mom will hit her. Her step dad even tired to touch her and her little sister. I think this isn’t right and I hate what her mom and dad are doing to her. When she tired to tell her mom that her dad tired to touch her she didn’t even believe her and she told me and I told her to tell the police, but she is scared that her dad might do something to her. She told me that if her dad tried to touch or hit her she would take her little sister and come to my house or to another friends house.

She told her real dad and he believed her, but he can’t do anything because he is in jail. She gets happy when she goes to visit her dad in Colorado because she gets to be away from her dad, but not from her mom so she is not that happy. Her mom hits her for nothing. When her mom is mad, for every little thing the girl does her mom hits her. What I told her is that when she gets hit to tell me and I don’t want her parents to hit her anymore because I care for her and I know that she knows I do. Sometimes she invites me to her house and sometimes I say no because I am afraid of her dad that he will do something to me so I don’t go. When it is her birthday I think I am the only one who gives her a present because her parents don’t, they don’t even buy her a cake and she gets sad and she gets happy when I give her a present. That is why I think that we should end domestic violence.

That is what happened to my friend. She got beaten and her step dad tired to touch her. That is my story.This I believe.