This I Believe

Emily - Los Angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Always Say I Love You

I believe in always saying I love you. Someone once told me, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Though people often use this expression when they lose homes or other material things, but it can also be used for loved ones.

I guarantee, that if you walk into a room full of people, and ask them to raise their hand if they have lost a loved one, you will see about 99% of those hands up.

My mom would fall into that category. She lost her father, my grandpa, to cancer when I was about three years old. When my mom talks about him all you can hear her say is how she almost never told him she loved him. My mom loved her dad and I have never doubted that. But she regrets not letting him know more often.

My mom had a chance to tell my grandpa she loved him before he passed, but very few are lucky enough. For those who have lost loved ones in car accidents or other instant deaths, don’t usually have that chance.

It is very common among teens to tell their parents that they hate them. I am one of those. Whenever I get mad at my mom, always for some stupid reason, the first thing I say is ‘I hate you’. That is something I have to work on.

So whether you are young or old, girl or boy, remember this life lesson: always say I love you. Say it before it is too late. Make sure you always no matter what circumstances; let the people you love actually know you love them. This I believe.