This I Believe

Dulce - Los Angeles, CA., California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe That There Is A Cure For Obesity

Hello, my name is Dulce. I will be writing about the obesity problem. I believe that obesity has caused many deaths over the past few years. Many people don’t do exercises and just stay at home watching television, playing video games, and many more. Obesity mostly happens on children. Children aren’t being healthy and that’s why their bodies are becoming obese.

Someone who went through this problem was one of my uncles and my cousin. My uncle had a really big problem with obesity because he always loves to eat junk food. He is still going through obesity, but he has managed to stop eating many different categories of junk food.

Karla, my cousin, and her mom always made her eat when she didn’t want to. When she was little she puked every time her mom gave her food. I think that she did really wrong in making her daughter eat so much. So know her daughter lives with obesity and know she is trying to eat healthy food and much more.

Well in my opinion I believe all people around the world should be and stay healthy.