This I Believe

Jarince - Los Angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in the right to live.

Back in the joyful days, when the afternoon came, half the block would come out and play. But one afternoon the weather started to feel cold, and no one came out at all.

The night before our last night out in the street was the worse of them all. Samantha one of the littlest of us who played out side was shot. She was in the middle of a drive-by and a bullet hit her chest.

The next morning everyone looked gloomy no one seemed to care that the day was sunny because it felt cold. In my head I had many questions but felt like no one could give me an answer.

Why her? Her life was just starting. Those were the questions that circled my head over and over again. That afternoon, I stayed out sitting on the sidewalk just thinking. Then I realized, that God didn’t take her with him like everyone said. It was them, the boys, who felt like they had the right to take the life. But what about Samantha, didn’t she have the right to live? Everyone has that right.