This I Believe

Daisy - Los Angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction


I believe that drug and alcohol addictions can hurt the people around you.

Since I can remember my dad has always drank alcohol and all those times he never controlled it. It came to the point where he came home drunk and full with bruises because he would get in fights. Knowing my dad always did this it hurt me and it hurt my family as well.

My dad would come home and start fights with us for no reason, he would scream at us, and he told us he didn’t want to live anymore. Hearing these words coming from my dad hurt me and that’s when I burst out. I couldn’t hold it anymore, I told my dad if he loved us he would stop doing this to us, but these words were like words coming from a little baby.

My dad never listened to us and that was what hurt us the most. When we saw our dad outside drinking and doing all these crazy things, it was like our hearts breaking in tears even when we didn’t show it.

Soon my dad started losing his family and that’s what started hurting him. My dad tried to stop and he did, for a while. I guess my dad started getting stressed out with his job, at home, the bills everything. My dad was weak and when he tried getting up, he fainted. This affected us a lot and I guess it affected him too. My dad didn’t stop drinking but he controlled his drinking.

My dad started to win his family over. He understood that drinking and causing all these horrible things weren’t the salvation to his problems. He made the point that his family will always be there by his side good times and bad times. My dad realized that we were the most important people in his life and he made the best choice in his life.

Don’t forget that you have people around you that care about you and that love you. Make the decision that is right for you. Don’t go off doing things that will hurt other people but for now, this is what I believe.