This I Believe

Soledad - Los Angeles, California
Entered on September 22, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: birth

Everybody needs a chance to live.

I believe that most girls who giving abortions only because that parents are not going to let them keep there babies, this I believe. I believe that everyone needs to live. As a mater of fact this happened to my friend’s ant when she was 18 years old. Most girls are getting pregnant at the age of 14. I think that is a bad chose for most girls because a baby is one of the most wonderful thing that you can ever have.

My friend’s ant was 18 when this happened to her she said that she would always remember this because she was so happy that she was going to be a mother but what hearted her was that she had to abort the baby. I wonder why she didn’t just keep the baby. I asked her why didn’t you just keep the baby if you were so happy that you were going to be a mother. She said because her mom would not adept the baby no mater what they told her.

This also happened o my cousin’s friends who were only 14 years old and did not mean to get pregnant just like the other kids say. But I know that she was not lying. I know that because she is a very honest girl that would never laid to her parents or anyone else no mater what. She gave an abortion because she didn’t want the rep to be hurt instead she gave up a baby. Another reason is because the boyfriend did not recognize the baby that was going to be in that’s girl tummy. I now that if it were a boy and a mother that would let the girls have the baby there would be fewer abortions. There is another way there could be less abortions is by teens having less sex.

And it is so sad to now that hundreds of infants die each year. This is one thing that I know that happens every day all over the world. Most people need a chance to live, no mater what people say or think. This I believe.