This I Believe

Leland - Mill Valley, California
Entered on September 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children

Leland Grossman


This I Believe

Something I strongly believe in is having freedom when you’re a kid. There are many positives and negatives about growing up, but having freedom in your life will help you experience new things and learn from your own mistakes. Freedom is a kind of reward obtained by being responsible with your parents or having parents that aren’t too responsible with you.

Going through elementary school, then middle school, and now high school I could always tell if someone had a lot of freedom or hardly any. The kids with more freedom were more “street smart” and had a more loose way of looking at life. They are the ones that try things first, good or bad. I know a kid now who is in a situation just like this. He is the last born of four kids, and his parents are almost tired out with him. He is more free-spirited and was a kid who tried out drugs. When it comes down to it though, kids like him seem to be much better off in tight situations.

Then there are the kids like me. Kids who have lots of freedom, but also know their boundaries. When I’m out and about I have noticed that my ability to communicate with adults has become quite good, partially because of the freedom I am allowed out in the world. I also know my limitations and know when it wouldn’t be a good idea to do something. I also have noticed that, although this isn’t entirely true, that I mostly hang out with kids who have similar freedom in their families.

Finally there are the restricted kids. The kids who have had no freedom and probably won’t have very much of it until they’re eighteen. These kinds of kids are kind of shy and titled as “nerds”. They don’t really have a good idea of what is out there in the world and definitely lack a “street-sense.” I also know a kid who was like this is elementary school, but has since been given more freedom. He had restrictions on every thing from the lengths of our “playdates” to the amount of time he could play video games. So every time I hung out with him he would want to play video games.

Kids and people generally want things that they can’t have. When a kid is growing up if their parents restrict there freedom, the second they get a little freedom they might abuse it. Like my friend, he played as much video games as possible when his parents set restrictions, but when his parents started to trust him and give him freedom the video games slowly died away. I am very glad that I have freedom with my parents and I will continue to use it wisely throughout high school and beyond.