This I Believe

Vito - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on September 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose, work

Mr. McCreary

This I Believe

Hard work, for some it seems like too much but to me hard work is what you need to succeed in life, this is what I believe. Lance Armstrong, Franz Beckenbauer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even president Bush all have one thing in common. These four men, amongst many others, all got to where they are today by pursuing their goals and working hard for them. This is something I try to follow with whatever activity I’m doing, or with whatever goal I have. Through hard work you’re able to achieve most of the things you want.

Throughout my life I have overcome many obstacles and problems, just by applying myself and working hard. A perfect example is that back in the day, in middle school, I was, what people call, a nobody. At first this did not bother me too much, being new in a public school system was tough enough. I sat alone during lunch and every once in a while someone would ask me to spare a buck or two. I made some friends but not enough. I forgot to mention that I weighted more in 7th grade than now in the 11th grade, plus I had braces and wore glasses, typical outcast. In 8th grade I was blessed to be placed in classes with the more popular kids. I started talking to this one girl; she was a very attractive, I did not think she would waste time talking to me. We became pretty good friends, this made me happy. I started making a lot of new friends, but they all asked me one question that still bothers me, it went like “What school did you go to last year?” After this moment I decided to work out and join sports, which I did. Now I am at an excellent weight and people seem to know who I am. I overcame my social isolation and became a confident young man.

A set of goals can always be achieved through applying oneself and hard work. Everyday people become successful through studying hard, or practicing hard out on the field. This is how people succeed, by putting their minds into what they believe in or in what they want to do.