This I Believe

Rebecca - Conyers, Georgia
Entered on September 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Recently I experienced a near death attack. This attack came while I was door-to-door fundraising from a complete stranger and without provocation. This man began to choke me, suffocate me, and collapse my esophagus to the point I briefly lost consciousness twice. With the grace of God I was able to remain on my feet and continue fighting back. This man wanted to kill me, because his tactics of attempted murder were focused on cutting off my air supply. While he was choking me from behind I was able to reach over my head and dig and gouge my fingers deep into his eye sockets. I was only then given a split second of opportunity to grab the doorknob and slam him behind the door, upon which then I fell out of the house and went screaming for help.

When the man lunged at me there was no chance to think about what I may do. It was at that second I immediately began fighting with God’s help to overcome this lunatic. I was not going to die that day. It was not my turn to go and this man was not going to kill me.

Through these violent actions of this man my entire world has been turned upside down. For the time, he has destroyed my future dreams and even ruined a deeply loved relationship of mine. These things I will never get back. I can only regroup and begin again. Out of pure evil he stole this time of my life from me and these actions are unforgivable. One thing I have realized through this traumatic experience is my belief in the human spirit to survive and for good to conquer over evil. This man tried to kill me out of pure evil, but I am still here and will use this second chance to empower people, especially women, to never give up.

I sympathize with the violence people experience daily, but having overcome such a situation I can honestly say I believe in my spirit as a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a human being. And I believe my spirit has the strength to get through this because I am a survivor. There are many people who are survivors, and it is important we group together to help those lost spirits to continue to fight. We cannot let the hatred of our society determine our fate, take away our strength, or cripple our spirit. This man bruised my soul and hardened my exterior, but I will survive, and anyone feeling lost can overcome as well. He did not win the first time and will not win again, because I am strong enough to physically, mentally, and spiritually overcome.

Such tribulations may seem impossible to win, but remember, believe in the power of your human spirit to overcome anything. Believe in yourself no matter how lost you may feel and you will prevail.