This I Believe

Victor - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on September 21, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Appreciate the Simple Things

Have you wonder what it would be like to have none of the necessary things to life? Well I have and I see it every time I travel. One day when I was eight in the streets of Peru I was wondering what to do that day. While I was walking I saw a kid on the street with raggedy clothes selling candy. He asked me which one I wanted and I pointed at the biggest one. I took it, paid him and just left. I was headed for my grandma’s house so I had to cross some streets along the way there. On every street I passed there’d be some little boy or girl my age selling candy. When I was young I didn’t really care about how bad the kids had it. All I really wanted at that time was candy. Now that I’m older I better understand what those kids are going through.

Having to live off of the candy they sell is tough. I had never cared back then because I had most of the things I wanted. When I think about that it just makes me sad. I mean kids should not worry about that stuff. I remember that when I was younger my mind was on just playing and joking around. My father later talked to me about his childhood and how he didn’t have anything that I have today like good pair of shoes and stuff. That makes me think of how lucky I am to have the things I have. The stuff I didn’t really pay much attention, the simple things, like food, water and a place to live in. I appreciate those things more now than I use to because of that trip.

I believe in the saying “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone” because it’s true. I believe some people don’t fully appreciate the simple things in life. I know because I was one of them. What I meant to say is I didn’t care much about the shoes, shirts or the jeans I had. I only wanted newer things. Now every time I go to Peru I see those kinds of kids and I remember that I should appreciate the simple things. I guess some people aren’t that lucky. I’m the lucky one. I hope that I don’t have to lose anything before I actually know how much it means to me.