This I Believe

Cynthia - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on September 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone has those moments in life where you’re so upset, you feel like you just want to crawl into a deep hole and never come out. During those tear driven moments there is only one thing that makes you happy, or at least makes me happy. It’s the laughter and joking around with best friends. I believe that in your saddest moments in life; friends, family, and laughter are the only cure.

My family and friends have been there for me in the saddest of times when what I really needed was a boost of happiness. One of the saddest times a young girl can go through is her first break up. After my first boyfriend and I broke up, I was heartbroken. It was around the end of winter when everything feels all mucky and gray. But after a couple of days of wallowing my friends came to my rescue and cheered me up. My very best friend, Sissy, came over to my apartment and we stayed up watching DVD’s and stuffing our faces with Oreo’s. My friends made me feel truly the purest of happiness. But sometimes things come to an end, or at least for a short hiatus.

Recently my best friend moved away. Even though it seems like a subject not to get to dramatic and depressed about, I still am. She was that friend, who during all my sad times, was there. She distracted me from the sorrow I felt when my ant Manuela died. She was there when I got my first boyfriend and when we broke up she was there with treats and movies. She made me laugh through those embarrassing moments at School. She was and still is my best friend.

When she left, my family comforted me by suggesting we visit her, every month or so, during the weekends. My other friends kept me occupied with concerts, games, movies, etc. I still miss her at times but I’m pretty sure I’m not all “it’s-the-end-of-the-world” about it. I believe that the determination of my family and friends to comfort me through this sudden change helped me out of my sad groove I was in.

So on those sucky days when I leave all my homework at home and my teacher decides to give out a pop quiz, and I have no idea what the answers are. All I got to do is space-out and just think happy things. Which isn’t good because then I catch myself randomly laughing in class. Also, I usually do is just mouth words to my friends across the row and ask for answers.

Everyday at School I see someone laughing almost every where I go. Even if someone just wipes out on the floor, they laugh through the pain. I believe that in life, during the “suckiest” moments to the most excellent ones, all you got to do is just laugh you’re a** off.