This I Believe

Vanessa - 90002, California
Entered on September 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction

There is Always a Second Chance In Life

I believe that there is always a reason why many people take drugs as a alternative to fix all of their problems or just to forget about all of their responsibilities. Many years have passed now since my cousin has stopped using drugs as a way to have fun in his lonely life. His mom died when he was only thirteen and his dad had to leave to different places every week according to his job. He made the decision of living in the city by himself since he had no one else he could count on. Since that day he learned how to live by himself with the use of drugs.

Since he started to use drugs he met really bad influences that didn’t help him at all. His grandparents and the rest of the family decided not to help him, they even stopped talking to him. This made him get into drugs even more into drugs his need for drugs grew so big that he could be considered a addict. Now that he is here in L.A. he realizes that it not only took his aunties death for him to stop using drugs and get back reunited with his family but it took the death of many of people he would call friends. Now he is reunited with his older brother here in L.A. and his brother has helped him in every aspect of his life. He now lives with his brother and talks to people of the affect drugs can have upon you.