This I Believe

shainequa - California
Entered on September 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: parenthood

Your singing speaks to your soul,

And your soul speaks to your conscience.

I was 5 when is started singing. I inherited from my mom and this I believe, I thought I had a soul-singing voice and no one could stop me. When I got 4 years older, about 9 or 10, my family heard me singing and spoke to me about opportunities. They would say that you have that voice that can open many doors and surprise people. I understood every word they said. Before that, I have always been dreaming about being a singer. It’s been a couple of years and on Christmas morning, my mom bought me a karaoke machine that had me in tears. On Christmas that night around 9 or 10p.m. that night, we had our own karaoke night. It was awesome. Because my mom knew how to hit those high notes, she sang and followed back and forth, in her footsteps. Then we sang together like Patti Labelle and Beyonce old and new school. From that day on I’ve always felt like a winner or singer. My mom tells me from this very day that when I sing she says, “Go Nee-Nee” or” that’s momma’s baby”. I laugh, but inside I feel inspired that she has faith in me. I can also count on her for that love and support no one can give me like she does. This I believe, will be cherished and will follow me forever.