This I Believe

Briana - Los Angeles, California
Entered on September 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Abuse To Animlas, Abuse To Humans

I believe that if you hurt an animal, in a way, you are hurting a human too. When I was 9, I had the most beautiful dog that I could ever imagine. He was a nice dark chocolate color with the most silky hair on a dog that I have ever seen. He is the dog that I will always love even though he has passed away. Why he die is what we do not understand for he did nothing to hurt anybody. One day, when my parents and I got back from Friday night bowling, we heard my dog crying. This was very unusual for my dog because he never did cry. So my parents went outside to see what was going on when they saw my dog laying on the floor almost bleeding to death. I knew how this happened except I felt horrible I had never told anybody this and let this happen like this. What happened was that my neighbors were really rebellious so they used to beat my dog when me and my family would go out. I had known about this the entire time except, I just never told anybody for I had fear in them. My dad decided to take my dog to the animal hospital for he knew that my dog was in a fatal situation. We waited for hours in the animal hospital for the dog until the doctor came out and said that he had passed away. My dog had lost too much blood by the time my dad took him to the animal hospital. At first I didn’t really care but then it hit me afterwards. I didn’t really know what to do anymore without my dog because it got so lonely in my backyard. I decided to tell my parents how the dog died because I was the only one that actually knew how he died. So I believe that if you hurt an animal, you are also hurting a human in some type of way. The way the neighbors hurt my dog, it hurt me and my family too. I think that if someone were to hurt their dog, they would hurt too. Animals need love, care, food, shelter just as much as us humans need them.