This I Believe

Philip - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 21, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

This I believe

I believe that while there is life, there is hope. Hope is the feeling that there is something bigger and better out there just within your reach. In many ways, the world runs on hope as much as it runs on food, water, and coffee. Hope, rather like coffee, stimulates us and has us up and running even when normally we would be at home oversleeping. Every one has hope, whether that hope is getting that new 40 inch plasma screen TV you’ve always wanted, or presidency of the United States, you have to hope for something.

Hope is the reason why I have done this assignment. Playing computer games, watching TV, and hanging with my friends would be much more appealing to than writing a long essay on what I believe if I didn’t hope for some sense of fulfillment (as well as a nice A or B on my report card) for completing it. Like me, I don’t think anyone would manage to get work done if they were completely without hope. Hope is the only thing helping us trudge through the daily grind of life because without it, there’s really no good reason to keep going.

I, like everyone else, have been through many difficult times in my life. I can remember the loneliness I felt after moving again and again with my dad’s job. I can also remember struggling through classes with teachers who seemed to get sadistic* enjoyment out of making my life miserable. I know that I couldn’t have made it through these experiences if I didn’t have hope. I have also heard about struggles my father had, going through college on the GI bill, quitting smoking, and other things. He couldn’t have made it through those things without hope for a job and a family.

“While there is life, there’s hope”, a strange but wise saying by a man named Cicero. I don’t know who Cicero was, but what he has said here proves that he was very wise. Without hope, life could not exist because people run off of hope of bigger and better things. I know that so long as I have hope in my heart, I cannot fail. This I believe.

*Not the sexual kind, just getting enjoyment out of hurting people