This I Believe

Danielle - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on September 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Next Step of Life

Have you ever been disappointed or disgraced by someone you care about? I have over and over again; by my father since I can remember.

There are a million people in the United States of America that are alcoholics, my Dad’s contributed to that group. I always believed in keeping hope that things would get better. When they never did, finally he reached a point of almost killing himself, went into detoxification and a month of rehab. By the time he came to his senses in almost five years he’d lost everything; including me, my mom, and my brothers. Then my parents split. I hated my dad for hurting my mom, brothers, and me so deeply. For instance, I had a doctor’s appointment after school one day in sixth grade; he had “forgotten” to pick me up. He actually had passed out, and by the time my mom was able to get him up, he was too intoxicated to think logically. He came to pick me up and I would not get in the car with him. When I finally did, I never wanted to talk to him again for emotionally scaring me.

Now that I am older I realize that mistakes happen everyday, and every person in this world deserves a second chance. My dad deserved one more chance to. It will be three years on May 12, 2007 that he has been a recovered alcoholic without a sip of alcohol. To this day he calls me non stop and comes by my mom’s house almost everyday to build back the relationship we once had. My brothers and I have a delicate, but good relationship with him now and I am starting to love him like I used to. My brothers don’t respect him but my dad keeps trying and one day I think we will be a happy family.

My dad is in Chicago for two weeks training for a new job and attends Alcoholic Anonymous daily. He actually has dreams now! He wants to buy a house with in a year and lose weight and he’s happier, which makes me happier. He helped my oldest brother move into his frat house in college this year, like a real dad should. Imagine his life if he never received a second chance; living with my grandma or struggling for compassion from anyone.

The world is one big imperfection full of grudges and mistakes. I believe we don’t just deserve a second chance but have one as long as you work hard for it. “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” by Carl Bard.