This I Believe

Tyler - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on September 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Look a Bit Deeper and You’ll See

In my life, I have moved quite a bit. I have lived in three different states, and in each I’ve lived in various different parts. In my experience with having to move, I have had to meet new people. And in this, I have grown to be more patient and insightful of what a person is like, and I do my best to understand what each one is like.

I myself am very quiet. This at times makes me wonder whether or not people perceive me as weird, stoic, or antisocial. But really what this is, is my way of observing and thinking about the world and people around me. As I move through life, I try to break the ice sometimes with various people. I won’t judge based on a first impression either. I’ll try to talk to someone multiple times before I think I know them at some level. I have made many friends this way by simply talking when I get the nerve to do so. So far, it’s worked too.

My younger brother is mildly autistic. But this is an really a minimal handicap. He is just like any other person, he’s bright and funny, and we do all kinds of things together. He’s my best friend, and even if someone says he may be “different”, I really can’t understand why someone would come to that kind of conclusion. This has helped me to be more patient with other people. My brother has a different way of thinking than other people, and he sees the world slightly differently too. He has helped me to shape my understanding that not only him, but ALL people see the world differently. From this, I can bring experience and knowledge and apply it to when I meet new people. Everyone walks, talks, and behaves in ways that differ from mine, and I love that. This kind of diversity is what can make life great and more meaningful.

In the end, I say that what I strive to do is be kind and patient with people and treat them the way I would like to be treated. I’m not always successful, but I try to be. This philosophy has so far made me quite happy with where I am today in my life. I’m not sure whether I am naive or not, but as I go on through my observations perhaps I’ll find out.