This I Believe

Robert - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on September 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in seeking opportunities. If you are to succeed in life you must be able to try things and take chances at them. And opportunity is not just limited to prestige, but also to having fun and enjoying life. I am sixteen years old and can say from experience and from watching others, that this life lesson should be well learned.

Opportunities are best taken while you are growing up. Doing different things and trying new stuff may help you reach your goal in life. In some cases you may find things that are not right for you, but it’s alright as long as you at least gave them a shot. What’s worse is just thinking right away that something may not be for you and blowing it off. Back when I was in third grade, I remember that some of my friends had became interested in playing roller hockey, but I thought that I wouldn’t be good and it would just be a waste of time. After contemplating the idea for a while, I was convinced by my parents it would be a good opportunity for me and that I should take it. So, I decided to join the team with my friends and I ended up actually enjoying it. Ever since then, I’ve continued playing hockey and it ended up becoming my favorite sport. After several years of playing roller hockey, I am now considering real ice hockey.

Opportunity is not only related to having fun, but it also applies to the business world and employment. If you wonder how the multi-millionaires of the world got so rich, it was because they saw a chance to start a business or another prominent career, and they took it. What they took was the risk of starting something new and in the end it all paid off. The same applies to me, but in a smaller sense, because not only did my decision to play hockey give me a sport I enjoy doing, but it also helped me get a job. I received employment from a company called American Inline, and what I do is to simply teach others how to play roller hockey. My job allows kids, like myself in third grade, to learn the sport and possibly benefit from it. The only way to reach your full potential in life and become an accomplished person is by looking for opportunities and taking them.