This I Believe

Yosief - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on September 20, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

“No pain No gain.” I believe that if you work hard to achieve a goal or a dream you will be able to achieve it. Since both my parents were the first child of their family they had to work extremely hard. They would go to school, study, cook, clean and farm the land. Mom had to help take care of seven siblings and my dad six siblings. My dad had to get a job at twenty-one years and finically supports his family because my grandfather was unable to work due to sickness. They would start working form early in the morning around four or five until late in the evening. My parents had to work very hard and go though a long journey to accomplish their goals.

My dad was imprisoned because of his different political view. After a year in jail, freedom fighters came to take over the jail and set my dad free. My mom and dad started fighting with freedom fighters for the freedom of his country from Ethiopia’s occupation.

One day after fighting for eight years they decided to migrate to Sudan to have a better life for them and there future children. They wanted to leave because a fear of prosecution of their political belief.

They couldn’t just pack up and leave because there were many obstacles in there way. My parents had to pay for an escort to take them to Sudan. They had a lack of food and water for the journey. They had to stay of the main roads and keep hidden from Ethiopian army. They fled to Sudan because it was the closets country to them. They traveled only during the night on camels for three weeks.

When the arrived in Sudan they barley had any food and no shelter. My dad worked as an interpreter and then began teaching English as a second language to refugees who were approved to be sent to the United States. After a year and a half they were accepted as refugee status and finally came to America. My parents were sponsored by Pastor Dough Olson to come to North Dakota.

When my parents arrived they stayed in Olson’s house until they were able to get on their own two feet, which was about five months. Their goals were almost reached but they still had to work even harder. My parents started of working as dishwashers for minamum wage. My dad worked full time and went to School full time at Moorhead State University. After three and s half years my dad graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Science. So whenever I feel like the work is too hard I think of how hard they worked and all the things they went though. Then I suck it up and keep on going.