This I Believe

Maggie - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on September 20, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope, sports

I believe in eternal optimism. Ever since I was old enough to talk and understand what my dad was saying, he has taught me about sports. He and my mom met at Georgetown University so they have raised me as a diehard Georgetown basketball fan. You may notice that this college team has not been successful in quite a while, since their glory days in the 1980s. I have been taught all about this sport by my dad who has many theories about how to run a team. I have learned about making it to the NBA, coaching, defense, offense, famous players of the past, championships, playoff chances and the importance of controlling the clock. And the one thing I have learned the most is never give up hope. We’ll get ‘em next play, next quarter, next game, next year.

No other game can demonstrate the values of being optimistic than the Duke versus Georgetown game of last January. When my good friend Alex invited me to go to the game with her, I immediately jumped at the chance. A Georgetown basketball game? With my best friend? Of course I want to go! Because Duke was the #1 team in the country and the poor Georgetown Hoyas were only having a mediocre season, everyone expected the Hoyas to be slaughtered. I laughed along with the jokes about how it would be a horrific loss, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking that they had a chance. All these years of rooting for the Hoyas had to pay off sometime.

I went to the game with my Georgetown shirt on, ready to cheer my heart out. There were plenty of Duke fans there, expecting to see their team dominate. I admired the crazy Georgetown students who painted their bodies and how excited for the game they were. As the game began, the stadium filled with cheers. Surprisingly enough, the game was very close. Georgetown and Duke battled it out, scoring points back and forth. Quarters passed and the game was still close. Maybe Georgetown could win after all! Back and forth it went, with one team in the lead and then the other.

As the final seconds counted down, my heart stopped. Who was going to come out of this game with a win? No one expected Georgetown to even stand a chance against this number 1 team. However, they managed to win the game! As the time ran out and everyone realized the Hoyas had won, the students charged the court, screaming, and lifted the Georgetown players and cheerleaders above their shoulders. My friend, Alex, and I could not believe it. Our optimism and support for our team had finally paid off. This is our year to be champions. Our hope never dies and our spirits are never crushed. Looking towards the future helps us to forget the losses of today. My dad has taught me my entire life to never stop having faith in our sports teams. I believe that the eternal optimism of the sports fanatic will never die. This, I believe.