This I Believe

Stella - Richmond, Virginia
Entered on September 20, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: hope

I believe in hope. In today’s world, I find there is little else I am able to believe in. Skies darken, chaos conquers, civilizations implode, but life continues. Life continues because of Hope.

I would like to believe in God, and I certainly do believe in something that established and maintains a rhythm and a balance in the universe…but to believe in God carries the baggage of organized religion. And so much of the suffering and violence and injustice in the world has been and continues to be caused in the name of, and by the conflict between, organized religions. So until God tells me that organized religion is not his or her or its fault, I’m withholding my full support.

I would like to believe in People. But people are fragile things on which to base a belief system. Dogs are better, but they don’t live long enough. Love often endures after the people disappoint and the dogs die…so I would like to believe in Love. But Love is just too complex an emotion from which to gain any lasting reassurance. Love doesn’t always, but it always potentially can, hurt too much.

So instead, I believe in Hope. Hope is why we plant seeds in the dark of winter, carefully nurturing our dreams of buds in spring, beauty and bounty in summer, and harvests in autumn. Hope is why we keep planting those seeds year after year, despite the fact that this year’s garden was destroyed by too much rain and last year’s garden was destroyed by too little rain and the garden of the year before that was trampled by the neighbor’s children.

Hope is why we keep listening to the news, despite the fact that the news most often only tell us about stupidity and injustice and mayhem and death. We hope that today there will be better news, so we keep listening.

Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel; Hope is a kaleidoscope dawn after a dark and stormy night; Hope is the eternal paradigm shift.

To believe in Hope is to believe in Possibilities. Despite all apparent odds, is it true that anything is possible?

I Hope so.