This I Believe

Peter - Ft. Collins, Colorado
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I Believe in….. No Excuses

I have come to expect them. I am surprised when I don’t hear one….

Excuses are everywhere and most all of us use them everyday. They are very popular.

I remember them from grade school…”I forgot my homework” or “I didn’t have time to finish it. ” Even as a young child, I was not fond of excuses. Perhaps, I must have been abnormally in tune to the feelings of my teachers as I knew that they were bothered by them and I could since their disappointment as they had to listen to one excuse after another about assignments and class projects not being completed on time. I am certain that they must have prayed for just one day when the class would offer no excuses. I was also certain that I didn’t want to be in the “Excuse Group” either. I wanted to be different.

As a business owner, I hear them too often. Not only from employees who show up late for work but also from my customers who fail to pay their bills on time. And now that I am a teacher, I have grown to count on them. But, as a parent, I must try to stop them.

I do not want my kids to be in the “Excuse Group”. No sir, no excuses about it! I want my kids to experience the benefits of being excuse free. After all, no one makes us use them. They have just become too common…like so many excuses!

Are excuses so prevalent in our society that they are here to stay? I hope not. If simply for the sake of humanity. Imagine just how many excuses are used in any given day…If each of the worlds 6.5 billon people gave only three, we would still have enough to go from the Earth to the Sun and back 35 times! That’s a lot of excuses.

I think we have too many excuses in the world and I believe that I am going to reduce their numbers. At least by three a day.

I believe that I would have nothing to lose and everything to gain under this plan. I could demonstrate both accountability and reliability at the same time…. What a concept. I could impress others by doing something that would be considered as unusual. And to think that all this is possible by taking something away!

So what is your excuse?