This I Believe

Julia - Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

There are people who, whether you like it or not, will always know you. They will always know how you feel and what you think. More than likely they are the people you grew up with. They are true friends, the people who make the good times better, and lessen the pain through the bad. I believe in these people. I believe in friendship.

On picture day in my three-year-old preschool class, a boy came up to me and told me I looked pretty. At the time, like any other three-year-old girl, I thought boys were icky, yet for some reason I did not dismiss his comment. Though I knew perfectly well that he had cooties, I still thought he seemed nice. Fifteen years later, he is still my longest lasting friend and, without a doubt, one of my truest.

That day in preschool I made my first friend, and starting from that day, I have been learning what friends are. Friends are the people who know you before you need to tell them how you feel or what you think. They are the girls who share clothes on weekends, pizza and ice cream through heartbreaks, and laughs that last till stomachs hurt. They are the boys who will tell you that the cute boy who does not know you exist is a jerk and not good enough for you anyway. Friends are there for you when you need them, and will stay true forever, regardless of distance or difficulty. If one trusts in his/her friendship, keeping it is entirely effortless, contrary to what some people believe.

There are those who say that it takes a lot of work to maintain a friendship, but I disagree. With true friends, there is virtually no maintenance required. My preschool friend and I have not talked daily since we were in school together in the eighth grade. But even now, more than 350 miles apart from each other, every time we talk, our friendship is just as strong as it ever has been. For us, keeping our friendship is effortless because it is so strong. True friends do not need to be reminded that they are cared for, nor do they need a phone call every single day to stay close to one another. True friends can wait. True friends can leave each other for college in August and then pick up right where they left off during Thanksgiving break.

When I talk to my friends at other colleges far away, I can still feel the strong, true bond of friendship. I know that regardless of how far apart we are, our trust in each other and the relationships we share will never waver. We have seen each other through some of the hardest times of our lives, and we have formed memories that magically always feel like they only happened yesterday. These people have taught me what true friendship is. They believe in me, and I in them, and because of them, I believe in friendship.