This I Believe

Mary - DeSoto, Texas
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the importance of friendship. I believe that friends are an extremely significant part of one’s life and play a major role in shaping who you are. As a comforter, companion, influence, or teacher, a friend is irreplaceable. Each one brings something special and unique into your life.

When I first met the person who is now my best friend, we could not have been more different. She was a crazy tomboy and I was anything but. However, one class’s seating arrangement and several softball seasons later, I do not know what I would do without her. Over time, we have learned from each other’s honesty and advice. Even though no one would say we are much alike, we have definitely rubbed off on each other, taking from each other a little of what we admire most. We cheer each other up and bring each other back down to Earth, exactly what friends are for. Our contrasting beliefs, tastes, and opinions keep our minds open and remind us we should always be trying to become a better person.

I once read a quote by Tennessee Williams, “Life is partly what we make of it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.” After reading this quote, I came to realize just how much of my life is determined by the people close to me. How different my day can go because someone made me laugh, someone helped me out, someone showed me something new. Who we choose as a friend affects what happens and how we view life. I choose to have a diverse group of friends because that is how I want my life to be- unique, unexpected, and always something new.

Last year, when I first came to a new school, I met many new people. After spending many years with the same group of people at my former school, conversing with different people and developing relationships with them helped me to be more open and accepting of new things. The environment was also much larger and diverse, so it challenged me and helped me decide what was really important to me as I met each person and built a friendship with them.

I believe your friends affect who you are and what occurs in your life, but I do not believe they define you. Everyone is an individual. I just believe that one’s friends- many or few- are always important and each one leaves an impression, whether it is a life-changing influence or small memory.