This I Believe

Astrid - Dallas, Texas
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality

this i believe 08/23

I believe in virtues and morality. The world around us teaches us to be good, respectable adolescents, but instead we are shown bad influences and grow up around negative things. It is something I did not think about until I was assigned this project, but i had a difficult time realizing what had significance in life.

This year my cousin Leslie is getting married to her boyfriend of five and a half years. Now that I am older and everyone is always talking to me about my future, it hit me that she is someone I look up to. She’s 25, a good daughter to my tia and tio (aunt and uncle), a good sister, cousin, friend, and girlfriend. She’s lived a good life, I don’t think there is anything in her life that she would be ashamed of. She’s taken her time in growing up, finding someone to love, and always being there for family. I believe that virtues help you form a better life, a more meaningful life. They’re like goals you have for yourself; it’s about self respect and being able to hold your head up high. I want to be able to have all that she’s had and maybe more. I would want to be able to say when I am older I believe in my virtues and I am not ashamed of anything. Maybe it’s a little late to say I am not regretful of a couple of choices I have made but as we grow up we change and you learn from your mistakes. I truly believe in that.

As for what influenced me to write about virtues in my life,religion helped build my virtues, not to mention my parents and friends. I remember the day my mom told me, “Ya no eres una niña chiquita. Espero que no seas como las demás y prueba de que adolescents son irresponsables.” {You’re not a little girl anymore. I expect more from you than to be another statistic & proof that teenagers are irresponsible.}I wouldn’t want to disappoint my family after everything they have given me. It’s not just about me and my life but about those who have put so much effort into raising me.

As I grew up, my family and even the fairytales that were read to me hinted at living a good life, with virtues, that make life easier and happier. The princesses were always good girls who lived good lives. They were always the admirable, pretty, smart girls. I just always happened to connect their morals with the way their lives shaped. Many little girls grow up wanting to be a princess, it’s just for me id much rather live a life happily like theirs than just having a title. I think virtues can get me there.

Virtues are what set you apart from others. Virtues to me mean a way to find the right way for me to live my life, according to how I think it should be done. I believe in my virtues in part by my family and friends, as well as my religion and just myself.