This I Believe

Michael - Cedar Hill, Texas
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe there is a time for everything. There are many people who say, “There isn’t enough time.” The amount of time some people need may be limited or everlasting. Time is always everywhere, anyplace, and anytime. I believe that time is on your side. Time allows you to accomplish anything in life.

One summer when I was about seven, I was dropped off at my grandparent’s, house along with my cousins, to be taken care of by my grandma and grandpa. We would be taught to read, write and do math to prepare for school or play games. That day my cousins and I decided to play a video game. We were almost about to finish the game when my grandma said it was time to eat.

We complained and told our grandma that we were almost finished with the game. She said to eat and then continue playing. That was when she started the sermon that there is time for everything.

“There’s a time for everything: a time to eat, to play, to sleep, to work, to cry, to be happy. You must make time to do the things you want to do.”

“Yes, grandma.”

We ate lunch, thinking that she turned off the game, and we would have to start all over. Still disappointed, we came back to the game after eating and found that the game was paused. Our grandma saved the game for us. We thanked her and kept her sermon in our minds.

Last summer when I was eleven, my dad watched over my siblings and me in our house. We had to do all our chores and then we could play. I did all my chores daily, but one day I became lazy and didn’t do my chores.

My dad got very mad at me, and it all went down into a sermon. I was in big trouble. My dad started a sermon that you must set a time for everything.

I felt very bad about myself and remembered the sermon with my grandma. I knew this sermon would be just like the one my grandma told. My dad talked to me in a soft tone, but he was disappointed in me.

“Michael, I told you to do all your chores. Next time set a time for everything everyday.”

“Yes, dad.”

I have never went into a there’s a time for everything sermon ever since.

I learned from these sermons that I must set a time for everything. It may be hard but there’s a time to work and play, to sleep and to stay awake, to cry and be happy. I still live by this belief and use it in life, every day.