This I Believe

Jeffrey - Desoto, Texas
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Many people believe in different things whether the belief is reasonable or just out of the ordinary. I believe in luck. Luck is something that a good fortune that happens to you when you least expect it. Many people get lucky but they try to play it off and say that it skill. I believe in the superstition of luck.

When I was 10 years old I was a track meet at Trinity Christian Academy cheering on my beloved sister, Jasmine, and my much loved cousin, Lauren. I was there on a hot summer day for more than five hours but in the sun it felt like ten hours. So I asked my dad for ten dollars so I could get something to drink. I wanted to buy a nice refreshing lemon chill to cool me off for about thirty minutes until I finished it. Then it was inevitable when I heard my mom say “Jeffrey, take your sister to the concession stand with you because she might want a snack too.” Then I took my little sister, Jade, to the concession stand but there was a ridiculously long line. It seemed like everyone was thinking the same thing that I was thinking about cooling off with a refreshing lemon chill or a drink. While I was standing in line I kneeled down to tie my shoe. Then I saw something on the ground that was a folded up piece of green trash with writing on it. So I picked it up to throw it in the trash after I bought my chill. When I picked it up I realized that the suspected trash didn’t seem like trash. I unfolded it just to see what it was. I saw that it was a wrinkly twenty dollar bill and I was so skeptical. I was wondering why somebody else had not picked it up before me. So I was still on the ground when the line was moving so I lost my spot in line. Well I did not really care because I had just found twenty dollars. Another time was when I was still ten years old. I was at a school called St. Elizabeth. I tried out for a baseball team but it was my first year playing baseball. I did not want to play in the infield because I was scared of the ball so I tried out for the outfield. So we practiced and practiced and as we did, I got better and better each time. Our first game was around May against St. Mark. A ball was hit to me and I knew exactly what to do. I ran after the ball at full speed but I thought there was no way that I could catch it. I leaped up to catch and I caught it. It was luck then but now it is skill. Because of those particular episodes of my life I will continue to always believe in the superstition of luck.