This I Believe

Brandon - Lincolnton, North Carolina
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

A Good Days Work

Have you ever worked to saved up money for a certain period of time so that you could buy something that you really wanted? Have you ever had someone just give you something? Did you happen to notice that if you spend your own money on something, you usually take better care of it and appreciate it more? I believe in working for what you get.

Before I worked for Autobell, washing cars, my mom and dad bought all of my clothes and shoes. My shoes would be filthy within a week or two and some of my clothes would already have stains on them. Ever since I got a job, I buy all of my clothes and shoes. Now that I am spending all of my own money, I take much better care of my clothes. The fact of having to provide for myself forced me to take better care of my belongings.

Don’t you just love the outrageous gas prices. Yeah right! I didn’t realize how expensive gas was until I had to pay for my own. I have a v6 Camaro and this car use drinks gas like it is going out of style. I didn’t want to pay so much for gas but if I didn’t, I would be walking everywhere. There is sort of a cycle, to get to work you need gas for your car, and to get gas for your car you have to work to get enough money.

My dad is always telling me “If you work hard for what you get, you will learn to be responsible.” If you want something, you have to have the money to get that item. I feel good about myself because I don’t have to rely on my parents which I know also makes them feel good too, knowing that I am becoming a more independent person.

I know you remember the “clicks” at high school that were too good to talk to everyone else. The ones whose parents bought them everything they wanted. They act this way because they haven’t ever had to worry about anything. This lifestyle causes them to be irresponsible and makes it harder to succeed in life.

Sometimes it can be hard spending most of your money on things that you need, but it is something that I am going to have to learn sooner or later. I see it as an advantage that will help prepare me for real life as an adult. I have also learned how to budget my money, to spend on the things I need in life and save for things I want. This is a very important link in the chain of success. Having to earn everything I get has prepared me for the future as far as life after college.