This I Believe

Lonnie - Cullowhee, North Carolina
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Field of Refuge

“Sanctuary!” Countless people in history running for their lives cried these words once they reached a Holy place knowing they had found freedom from the terrors of life whether it may have been prison or death. Webster’s Dictionary defines a sanctuary as “a place of refuge or protection.” Today people are still running, but it’s not from soldiers on horseback instead it is life’s burden of pain and problems.

For some their house is a sanctuary. For others a parent or spouse’s arms may be their fortress of protection. Liberty in life hasn’t come from just a church. In fact my alternative place of refuge is not even a building, but instead it’s a field. All throughout life when I needed rest from the hustle and bustle of the world I found myself on the diamond.

I have played baseball since I was four years old. Playing sports kept me physically fit, but it also became my door to freedom. Many people never understand this but when I’m on the field nothing else matters except that moment in time. Many people never understand this, but when I am on the field nothing else matters except that moment in time. Anything inside the fence is a new world and everything outside just seems to disappear. Whether it is one hour or three hours all the problems of life, the worries, the homework, and just the busy schedule of life are forbidden to come anywhere near the field. My teammates did not care whether I messed up at school or had an argument with a friend that day. They just expected me to realize that my job was to play my position and shine. They knew that “alone we would fall, but together we were feared”, and that is what brought the sense of security. The true joy of the sport comes when you realize that the game belongs to you, and what happens is in your control. The power is in your hands and you decide whether you are going let someone take the game from you. The diamond was my own world and my shelter from the “guards” of life.

Finding a sanctuary is not always easy due to its many disguises. It could be anything such as: coffee shops, people, or even just a simple moment of silence. As the pressures of life get too hard for me I believe that I can find freedom on the field.