This I Believe

Andrew - Cullowhee, North Carolina
Entered on September 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Original Unsung Heroes

In 1959, the United States became involved in arguably the most controversial war in American history. The Vietnam War changed the way the average American would look at combat for the rest of the twentieth century. Naturally, the blame of the outcome was placed on the shoulders of the men who fought in the operation. This injustice irritates me because of the sacrifices these men made in the name of democracy and diplomacy.

What these men went through to protect the world from communism should be recognized as an honorable and distinguished achievement. Unlike any other war, they had to fight insurgents on their native soil. Living with the uncertainty that any step could be their last must have been almost unbearable. Everything done in the war had to be done slowly and with painstaking thoroughness to ensure the safety of themselves and their fellow soldiers.

Another strong reason that I believe in Vietnam veterans is because my great uncle fought in this terrible conflict. When he returned from war, the nightmares of dead women and children haunted him for the rest of his life. He became a whole different person from his experiences during the war. Many of the men who fought came home with the same recollections of devastation. For all of their troubles, many of them became poor with no means of income. Still today some of them do not have homes, ample health care or jobs.

In conclusion, I believe in justice to the Veterans of the Vietnam War. These men gave all they had while serving this country and were given little in return. Their bravery and courage in the awful conditions of the Vietnamese jungle should be commended and rewarded. Although the war officially ended in a draw, we should consider the work done by these men as an astounding victory. I cannot begin to imagine what kind of mental anguish these soldiers must have lived with from the fear of being ambushed or captured. The soldiers of the Vietnam War went to fight so our generation would not have to. We should commend these men for standing up for what they believe in and showing a nation what real courage is.